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Business Development

Tesla's business plan is to grow its capabilities and market presence through a combination of strategic acquisition and organic business development.  Hence our business development strategy supports this plan by providing direction to our acquisitions and proposal efforts by identifying opportunities to pursue as prime and subcontractor.

In support of these objects, Tesla has assembled a very strong business development team and system that is capable of bidding on the most complex proposals and supporting our teaming partners as a superior subcontractor.

We have defined four specific business development objectives:

  • Prime Cyber Security contracts in the IC.  Tesla is ready to be a IC prime contractor.  We have the Cyber past performance and industry relationships to be a strong candidate.  Our goal is to assemble a strong team and bid as a prime contractor. 

  • Deliver our IC Cyber Security capabilities to DoD customers.  Tesla has strong Cyber past performance in the IC that is directly relevant to capabilities that DoD is developing.  Our goal is to leverage our cyber strengths by teaming with larger businesses delivering these services to the DoD.

  • Develop a software development capability within the IC.  Tesla has an extensive cyber capability in the IC but we are lacking in true software development capabilities.  Our goal is to team with software companies and to recruit software engineers.

  • Cross-pollinate our DoD financial management skills in the IC.  Tesla has extensive financial management past performance in the DoD that is directly relevant in the IC.  Our goal is to team with larger financial businesses serving IC to deliver DoD audit readiness and internal controls services.

Tesla is always looking for new teaming partners with whom to pursue new opportunities in federal contracting.  If your company knows of interesting possibilities please contract us to discuss the possibility by using the inquiry button on the right.

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