Meet the Tesla Team

The Tesla Team is a highly trained group of professionals providing Cyber Security, Intelligence support, financial management and program management to the nation's most demanding customers.  A few facts about management team and staff:

  • Advanced Degrees.  More than 65% of our staff have advanced degrees across many technical areas.

  • Highest Clearances.  75% of our team have TS clearances and higher.

  • Military Training.  Roughly half of our team has served overseas in the US Armed Forces.

Tesla Management Team

George Stejic, PhD


George's focus is business growth through strategic acquisition and biz dev.  

Milan Stejic

Vice President

Milan leads Tesla's solar efforts - Energy Matters and Solar Power Ventures.

Oksana Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Oksana keeps everyone paid and assists in financial analysis of acquisitions.  

Jay Rawn

Program Operations Officer

Jay manages roughly half of the Tesla programs including most of the IC work. 

Tesla Laboratories Inc. | 2711 Richmond Highway, Suite 200, Arlington, VA 22202

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