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Cyber Security

The Cyber battlespace has simultaneously become the Nation’s Achilles Heel and our greatest strategic opportunity. Threat countries and terror groups can cause significant damage to our country with a relatively small investment – but only if we let them.  Conversely, the United States can achieve many mission objectives through well-planned and targeted Cyber operations that have less political consequences than messy kinetic operations.  Tesla Laboratories is at the vanguard of Cyber Security operations proving tailored solutions for the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, the Internal Revenue Service and other agencies.

Our enterprise security services include custom security engineering, integration and support activities which are listed below. Our past performance in developing, deploying and managing security solutions demonstrate our understanding of the unique security environment in which our Government customers operate. We apply that experience to ensure that our customers maintain the highest possible level of security for their infrastructure and data.

As security consultants, we analyze a customer's architecture, assess risks and vulnerabilities, and implement approved mitigation strategies to manage risks. We also work with customers to define appropriate levels of security using authoritative and relevant standards such as the NIST Special Publications and commercial best-practices. We consult with development staff to ensure compliance with selected standards.

Our capabilities include:


Security Engineering

  • Cloud/Enterprise Encryption solutions

  • Infrastructure & Platform as a service

  • Hosting and Cloud Migration

  • Hybrid-Cloud Solutions

  • Bare-Metal Virtualization Solutions

  • PKI and Key Management

  • Product Security Test and Evaluation

  • Encryption Product Assessments

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Management


Managed Security Services

  • Security OPS Centers

  • Virtual NOC/SOC Implementation and support

  • Cyber Analysis and Forensics

  • Intrusion Detection, Prevention, and Response

  • OPS Support

  • Patch Management

  • Policy Enforcement

  • Physical and Logical Access Control

  • Monitoring & Traffic Analysis

Information Assurance Standards Compliance

  • Network Security Engineering

  • Pre-Accreditation Assessment

  • Assessment & Authorization (A&A), formerly Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

  • Network Systems Security


Certification, Compliance, and Governance

  • Policy, Procedures, and Planning

  • Plan Development & Testing

  • Regulatory Compliance & FISMA Reporting

  • Business Resumption Planning

  • Contingency of Operation Planning (COOP)

  • Disaster Recovery

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